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9697 East River Road NW Minneapolis, MN 55433

Phone (763)-755-8111 

Prior to, or upon shipping, you must immediately send this form via email to Cenaiko Expo ( with all information completed and legible.  If you do not submit paperwork in advance, have incomplete shipping labels or have late deliveries it can result in delayed/refused shipments and additional handling fees. 

(Download Form)

Number of Hundred Weights

Rates are per CWT. (100lbs.) All weights are rounded up to the next CWT. Rates are based per SHIPMENT. Rates are based on incoming weights.

100lbs. is minimum charge on shipment. Drayage charges are determined by the Gross weight of the shipment.  

Rate Per CWT


Total Charge

Rate x Weight

INBOUND: Warehouse Advance Shipments: Storage at Advance Warehouse. Delivery to show site & placement in your booth. Removal & return of empty containers if ordered below. 


OUTBOUND: Returning to Advance Warehouse for Pick-Up: Pickup of freight at your booth and loading onto truck to return to Advance Warehouse for pick-up by your carrier. 


INBOUND: Exhibit Hall Direct Shipments:  Placement of materials at your booth. Removal & return of empty containers (if ordered below). Loading of outbound materials.   


OUTBOUND: Exhibit Hall Shipments:  Loading of outbound materials from your booth to loading dock or to outbound carrier.


Empty Container Storage: Storage of your empty containers in a secure area. Only containers clearly marked by vendor name & booth number will be accepted. Containers returned to your booth at close of show. 

$18.00 each

Forklift With Driver:  Moving of freight for various reasons


Exhibitor is responsible for completing Bills of Lading and calling freight carriers for in/outbound shipments. Your freight may arrive to the Advance Warehouse as early as 30 days prior to the show date, but no less than 3 days. Show site arrival only allowed on the day of set-up.     

                                                                                                                                                    Total Charges $   __________________  
*Charges will be adjusted based on estimated weight vs. actual weight and all services that were provided.*

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